Your work is so delicious. I am becoming familiar 
with your tremendous style. It's as great as a perfect "signature fragrance" are awesome!!!  
-- Renee Henderson
Office Manager, Director of H.R.
New Directions for Youth, Inc.

You have performed admirably! What a great job! 
You took the challenge and really laid out everything perfectly. Thank you for the nice work, efficiency 
and concern for our brochure.  
--Saul Rowen, Owner, Cali Camp  

​I can't believe I have been a client of RiversEdge 
for more than 10 years now. I know I'm not an 
easy person to work for because my projects 
are complicated and I'm a perfectionist, but you 
continue to impress. Your work is flawless and 
always delivered on time. Thank you for being 
there for us.    
-- M. Nagelman, Conquistadore del Cielo 

The brochures and catalog are printed and mailed 
and we are getting raves! They are beautiful and I 
wanted to thank you again for your hard work, diligence and for doing "what you do." Thanks 
again. Fondly, -- Pamela, Giovanni Tours, Inc.

What RiversEdge Graphic Design Clients Are Saying...
Thank you for the great job you did with the Bennett's memorial program. The family was really thrilled and pleased with everything you 
did for them! Of course I knew they would be. They told me you even went to their home. 
They needed help and the sunflowers you 
added just blew them away. I had given them 
the program you did for my mom and that 
helped them a lot. Thanks, again, for being you.
-- D. Malmquist

You are so ridiculously talented!
I wish I could do this! 
(thank God for you though!)

-- Jessica Davis
Executive Assistant to Richard A. Sperber, President & CEO
ValleyCrest Landscape Companies

WOW!!!!!!!!!! You are soooooooo awesome....I knew I hired the right gal.    -- K. Griffin

OMG OMG OMG… WHAT A FUN WAY TO BEGIN MY DAY!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL…OMG, SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I just love Laura. She has such fun, beautiful, tasteful ideas that perfectly incorporate our logo. She is so creative. She is really good!

Marci Moran, Director of Communication Outreach & Special Events, Shane's Inspiration

I’ve worked with Laura Wohl-Cunz of RiversEdge for the last 10 years. I am always amazed at how she can take a simple idea and make it into something extraordinary. She’s creative, a great collaborator and she's fast, I love working with her. 
-- Nancy Allen, Program Director, 
   weSPARK Cancer Support Center  


Graphic Design